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Hey you guys,
big news for today!

About two years ago, I was already planning this project called “You Can Travel on a Budget”. I was full of new ideas and with an unbelievably big amount of motivation to learn about blogging, web design and content creation (in English).
Since then, I grew more than I thought I would (I’m mean my personality… I’m still as short as I was in 2011..). I did the most amazing things in the past two years, but now I have even bigger dreams, which I am not willing to give up soon. So, I was thinking about the future of this project…
This project, this blog, gave me the opportunity to learn more useful and practical stuff than probably school or even uni ever gave me. It would be hard to just put an end to it, so from now on *drumroll*, I will share it with other content creators. Yuhuuuu!! 😀

Yeah, so enough of me,
please welcome Cecilia, this super awesome woman!

What would you do for travelling?...

A  year ago, a very good friend asked me what I want as my job. I said anything, what gives me enough money to travel. He said I’m thinking like a 14 years old teenager who has no idea about the world. He said I should do some courses, start my carrier. Earn money, make sure my future is planned. Have family, and when I reach the age of 60 and I already have everything, I should go travelling.
I didn’t listen.

My name is Cecilia, I’m 25 and as I said, I love travelling. I’m from Cluj Napoca, I’m not rich, and sadly I’m not brave enough for doing amazing stuff like Couchsurfing or Hitchhiking. So basically if I want to travel -> I need money. This is how my story started: I moved to England, for travelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my city and it was the hardest decision to leave my loved ones. But to achieve something you have to give up something else. I knew, me going away not gonna be forever. Even if I’m open-minded to get to know things, I’m waaay to emotional to live happily away from home.
When I moved away, I decided to work for 3 months, save as much as I can and go travelling. But with time I realised that if I stay longer, I can save more and travel longer.
This is how I spent exactly 3 years and 5 months in England, trying to chase my dream: a ~6 months South-East Asian backpacking tour.
But before the BIG trip, in all this time trying to get rid of my sadness being away from home, guess what? I was travelling. Thanks to being able to save some money, I travelled all around England, I went to Wales, Tenerife, Madeira, Portugal, France, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Danemark, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech-Republic, Belgium and Iceland.

So here we go: packed, ready for the road and all what it takes. I’m scared as hell but I know that if I’m not starting it now, I’m never going to do it.

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  1. I can see you have had wonderful experiences and are having a great time. How about what this encouragement of unnecessary travel impacts on climate change. Did you do volunteer work or assist some others in your journeys ? You need to make it a bit clearer otherwise it looks very selfish behaviour don’t you think?

    1. Yes I had wonderful experience, thank you for asking. Why does a trip have to be a out climate change? We paid quite a lot of attention in my opinion not to damage anything: We hiked a lot, we recycled, we didn’t rent any motorised vehicles only when it was really necessary. We didn’t use any plastic bottles, we used our own bottles. In Iceland we only drank from the tap, or from a stream. I don’t think that our carbon footprint was horrible.
      No we didn’t volunteer.
      Because our trips were short, we tried to take in as much as possible from every country. I wouldn’t call travelling selfish, every person has it’s own way. And climate change is a massive problem today, and everyone has to do something small against. I think we did our part, and will do the same in the future!

  2. good luck Beautifull💋💋

    1. Thank you so much for support, Lidia <3

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