Tulum, the hippie place you’re looking for

Hey there!

Tulum is the hippie place you’re looking for. 

Yoga, bikes, vegan/vegetarian food, good music, Instagram spots… Everything you need :))

About Tulum

Okay, before I tell you what to see/do here, let me tell you my honest opinion:

Tulum is wonderful, no doubt about that! It’s on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city. Also, really close to the city, you can find a lot of beaautiful cenotes (natural limestone sinkholes). But for me, it’s just too touristic. And now you can see everywhere constructions, which means in a short time, it will be even more about the money. But still, you can find some good spots 😉

What I regret, that we didn’t go to any party there 🙁 we didn’t even know about that there are some good places with good music, till we got to Bacalar, which was 2 days before we left Mexico. So if you want to have a good night, go to a party in Tulum 😉

How to get there?

Well you have a lot of options, depending from where you want to go there. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, I would suggest asking locals about the colectivos (small and super cheap buses).

From Cancun, we took a colectivo to Playa del Carmen and form there another one to Tulum.  It will cost you about 4-5 USD probably.

Hitchhiking? Well, I think in this part of Mexico is quite hard to hitchhike, but it’s not impossible (we actually tried it and a wonderful Brazilian couple picked us up, and the next day we visited the Mayan ruins together <3).

What to do and what to see?

  • Go to the lagoon. When we were there, it was raining most of the time, so we couldn’t visit the lagoon. But if you have the possibility, go there. A good friend of mine from Cancún suggested us, and he knows stuff :)) It’s not that crowded yet, so if you want to chill at a beautiful place, don’t miss this!
  • Go to the cenotes. Near Tulum, you can find a lot of cenotes. Even with taxis, you can get to some of them and it is not expensive.
  • Sleep in a hostel. We went to THIS hostel, and I loved it! It’s cheap and the people are really friendly.
  • Eat on the streets. There are a lot of fancy restaurants, but out of the city centre, you can find locals selling their gorgeous tortillas on the streets. (We ate just once in a restaurant but it was not fancy at all :)) it was just a simple place, but the food was suuuper good!) Try it not just because it’s cheaper, it’s more original, but try to support the local businesses when you travel! This is really important!
  • Rent a bike. We didn’t do it in the end, but I definitely recommend it. The weather is usually quite nice, and the distances are quite long, so it’s nice to have a bike 😉
  • Go to the city. Just walk around or go on your bike. The city has a unique vibe…
  • Go to the beach. This is a MUST! I mean, it’s quite obvious, bc the seaside is really famous for its beauty.
  • Check out the shops. There is a lot of awesome stuff here!!
  • Go to the ruins. The Maya ruins in Tulum are famous, due to its uniqueness. The ruins are on the coastline, bc this city used to protect the Mayans from the (Spanish) people.


Next time we go, I will definitely go to a party in Tulum!

But if You go, please tell me about it ♡

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