Heey You!

So what does winter mean to You?…

For me, it means sitting in the warm house, watching good movies, drinking hot tea or hot chocolate… basically to enjoying being lazy. (Like a big fat lazy bear). Kinda taking a rest and preparing myself for the year (exams, travels, etc)…

But you know what?!

You know what is more awesome? To travel! If you think about it, there are so many good reasons and such cooool places where you can go in winter. Even if it’s cold, there’s snow, wind or rain, trust me, it’s worth it!

So now I’m gonna show you why is good to get up, plan a trip and go!

WHY is awesome to travel in winter??

MONEY. I think this is the best reason :)) If you’re reading this blog probably, you’re a student like me, or you are just looking for budget travel tips. So, here’s the #1: in winter everything is cheaper: the travel tickets, the accommodation, even the food can costs less than in summer time. (Especially in Europe where its mostly low season)

REAL LIFE. I don’t know why are you travelling, everyone likes different things…  but for me, it’s important to see how people are living, which allows me to get an insight into their culture.



if you go to a place full of tourists than maybe You are not seeing the real thing. Think about the city you live in: are you visiting the touristic places? Often? I bet that when you go out with your friends, you don’t go to the famous pubs or places. So, if you go somewhere during winter, maybe there won’t be so many tourists and you can see a place for what it really is.

OUTDOOR EVENTS. There are a lot of things that you can do in winter. I mean you can ONLY do them in winter. For instance: Christmas Marketssightseeing (during wintertime some cities are way more beautiful, then the rest of the year) aaaand there are a lot of winter games/sports (skiing or snowboarding, ice skating, sledging, snowballing oooor building a snowman)  😛

INDOOR EVENTS. Yeah, if you feel a bit cold, there are things to do indoor: you can go to the theatreoperaconcertsparties (Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, Going out Every Day For No Particular Reason) Ted talksspasmuseumsexhibitions… Or you can just try out some good barsteahousesruin barscraft beer places and cafes.

Okay, so hopefully I got you interested.

But let’s see…

WHERE to go?

If you are looking for cheap places than first of all find some cheap flight tickets (my favourite website is the There are extreeemely cheap tickets in the winter start searching now…. NOW!

(Source: Lastminute )


With my boyfriend, we’ve visited Thessaloniki (Greece) in January and IT. WAS. AWESOME. It wasn’t that cold, neither too hot (haha), it was just perfect. We went there because we found some really cheap flights and accommodation. So we had an amazing little city break. <3

Also, this February (in 2 weeks… *yeeey*) I will have a solo trip to Spain and Portugal. The tickets were like 10 € each, and I’m hoping to Couchsurf, so it’s gonna be unbelievable

I hope.

I hope I gave you a bit of motivation and next weekend (or in the near future) you’ll go somewhere, to drink some mulled wine with a slice of orange and take a good picture, post it on Instagram to make everybody jealous of your awesome life!

Have a nice weekend!

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