Thoughts about Blogging after Two Months

You know... usually,

I try to write something containing a lot of information, based on my experiences, that You can use when You travel. But now I would like to share with you some of my thoughts about all this blogging world. So it’s gonna be a bit different…

So, what am I really doing?…

well, I have no idea!

Currently, I’m a final year student, which means I have to work on my thesis. I work as a graphic designer in home office, plus sometimes I’m volunteering as well. I signed up for a marathon (chill… not a full marathon, just 8 km, but still :)) ) in Northen-Ireland, and I started to do my driving licence. Aaand above all these, my passion is work on this blog, and to travel (big surprise).


Why am I telling You all these?

I’m doing this blog since the beginning of January 2018 (so for two months)… and a few days ago, I was talking to someone, who told me that I should stop writing because I’m not that good at it :))… Yeah, he said that he was just joking, but you know, they say, that every half of a joke is true. So I started to think about this…

Now in brackets about my thesis. Luckily I had the chance to choose a topic which is really really interesting to me. So I’m writing about experience sharing by content marketing. Basically, I’m curious about how people are making decisions – for example, decisions about some trips – related to all the things they see and read on the internet, specifically on social media platforms, on blogs.

Cabo da Roca. The end of the World

What I’ve learnt from doing this blog for two months?

First of all, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Yeah, blogging is just about some good looking pictures, good branding, and some words… aha, aha… NOT! Creating content it’s all about hard work. Even if I know, that I’m not the best in writing, I would really like to share some ideas with you, because I would like to inspire people to DO what you dream about (especially if you want to travel). So this is why even though I wanted to post every Sunday, I couldn’t (sorry about that). Sometimes I’m just not in the mood or I have some other things to do, so it’s impossible to create something awesome… But, I’m doing my best! <3


I have no idea what I’m doing.

There are a lot of amazing blogs about blogging, and usually, they say: „All you have to do is this and this and you’re blog gonna rock!” Well, that’s bullshit! Yeah, there are some guidelines, which could help in creating content and a unique design, but I really don’t know if what I post is valuable for you or not (for example: now, writing this… probably not. haha).


Even though my main goal is to inspire people, I’m doing this for myself as well.

I believe that if I’m just sitting in my room, doing nothing, I would never be able to figure out my strengths.

I know that I want to travel and to be a digital nomad. I know that I like to create and to share. I know that I like to be social and to meet new people. So truly, I started this blog, as an experiment. I’m not sure, where is this going, or if my content is gonna be better and more valuable (although I really hope <3). BUT I’m pretty sure that I will push my limits and I will try to find the best way to make this blog awesome.


I have to be prepared to fail.

It’s really important to learn from the failings… I know that the blog is not optimised for mobiles, and it has like a thousand of mistakes, but from every little step I make, I feel like it gets better and better. (by the way, if You have any kinda suggestion, please DM me or leave a comment below, thanks! 😉)


Creating something good, is impossible to do alone.

The feedback is everything!!! Before posting anything, I always send it to my boyfriend because I value his opinion the most. But also, I tell some of my ideas to my friends, because… yeah, I have some f*cked up ideas sometimes and I really need a second opinion.


Above everything, this is fun!

I’m learning about the things I like! And it is the best feeling! There are a lot of things out there, what you won’t learn at school or at the uni, but hello! it’s the XXI. century! we have internet (*hallelujah!*) :)) So thank you Skillshare and Pinterest!


In conclusion, I would like to tell you that

THANK YOU for your support.

I will keep working on this blog to make it the best for you and for myself!

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