The jungle of Palenque.
The ancient Mayan ruins and the waterfalls.


Just so you get the whole picture:

We got robbed on our way to Palenque from Merida. So, we were not really in the mood to plan anything. We just wanted something to make us think about how great Mexico is and not thinking about how shitty experience we just had. When the police came to make the report, we needed someone to translate because the police officers didn’t know a single word in English and we definitely didn’t know enough Spanish to tell them every detail. A random guy from a travel agency came and voluntarily helped us translating perfectly everything.

At the end of that day, we decided that we will go back to him, and we will buy a tour for a whole day. So we did. Even though we never pay for tours. The next day we didn’t have to worry about how and from where to take the bus, they took care of everything. It was not expansive at all, entrance fees and transportation included.

So, thanks random guy!


let’s see what we’ve got here:

Palenque Mayan Ruins

Before we came to this place, we’ve visited two other Mayan ruins: Tulum and Chichen Itza. But I think this was the most beautiful one! If you go early in the morning, you can enjoy this World alone, maybe with a few locals.

This Maya city was built in the jungle, in the Tumbalá mountains. It is thought to have been populated from 226 BC to around 799 AD and it has flourished in the 7th Century under the rule of Pakal. The builders and architects created an artful harmony with nature, temples, and palaces in Palenque. It is one of the most studied and documented Mayan archaeological ruins. The site is 1780 hectares with 1,400 documented buildings, but less than 10% of the city is excavated. This means that in the surrounding jungle, between the cedar, mahogany, and sapodilla trees, they are still undiscovered ruins.

It is a UNESCO Heritage site, and when you exit the ancient city, you can visit the museum as well, explaining all the mythology and resources discovered in Palenque.

Misol-Ha Waterfalls

Not too far from the city of Palenque and the Mayan ruins, approximately 20 kilometres away, you can visit the “Cascada de Misol-Ha”. Surrounded with tropical vegetation, this waterfall consists of one single cascade of 35 m of height that falls into a single almost circular pool.

It’s a really enjoyable natural beauty! You can swim in the lake, on your own risk, but you can ask for a lifesaving jacket as well. Also, it is amazing to experience walking under the waterfall!! 😀 If you want to spend there more time, I would recommend the restaurant on the other side of the entrance.

Agua Azul Waterfalls

The “Cascada de Agua Azul” is a series of waterfalls on the Xanil River in the Mexican state of Chiapas, 69 kilometres from Palenque. The place got its name (agua=water, azul=blue) obviously from the bright blue hue of the river. You cannot swim anywhere you’d like to because it can be quite dangerous, but fortunately, there are some really awesome spots! (Actually, you can find swings above the water, and use it to jump in where the water is deep enough. 😮 )


Even though we had some rough time before, we really enjoyed this day!

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