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Hey everyone!

I’ve never spent Christmas this far away, and I’ve never spent Christmas only with Ádám. Actually in the last 6 years we spent Christmas together only once for many different reasons. Different story now.

We are not very religious people. So this part of Christmas is not part of our celebration. Anyway, there is 35 degrees, I’m sweating like crazy and a monkey just stole my ice-tea bottle.  There is no mulled wine but there is coconut ice cream. There is no Christmas tree but there are palm trees around me. (I love palm trees). There are no presents. There is no cake or Christmas dinner but there is rice and noodles. A lot of rice. There is no festive lights, but I can smell the sea. There is no snow, but neither is at home. 

There is no Mum, no Dad, no Sister, no friends and no Cica… but there is Ádám. I feel like I had to give up my Christmas for something different this year. I feel like Christmas didn’t really happen… And it’s kinda sad. 🙁 

But please give me slap, cuz there is no reason I should cry. Just look at this photo below. Exactly.

It is a bit hard, but I am living my dream right now. And dreams are never perfect. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But for a tiny bit of celebration, we decided that we’re not going to buy any presents this year for Christmas, instead we gonna buy experience for each other 🙂 So, we went for a bike tour on the countryside of Penang! It wasn’t cheap, but it’s Christmas, and I haven’t bought a pair of shoes for myself for a month…

Anyway, it worth every minute… And I learned a lot. About biking, about my limits. I learned that lemongrass is good against mosquitos and from rice you can make good foundation (if you have patience). I tried nutmeg juice – not gonna be my favourite, and – it’s a shame or not – I found out how the pineapple grows. And that you can have a 5 star lunch in the middle of nowhere. *-*

look at this: there is Laksa (the one with the spoon) - traditional Malaysian dish. Noodles with shrimp paste and fish, there is veggie springrolls, there is chicken, pineapple and papaya. Honestly after a 5 hour bikeride, it was something priceless

We are constantly learning, and this is my favorit part. Don’t get me wrong, not every day is amazing. We argue about silly things like what to eat or why is there no hot water in the hostel. Like we could do something against…🤷🏼‍♀️

We get tired, we feel many times that we had enough. You know, this is not a HOLIDAY. This is a lot more than that.  We plan everything ourselves, we have different opinion about many things. So we have to face quite a lot of difficulties. And that part is tiring. But than something good happens, or we have an amazing hike / experience / food / day or we just meet someone really nice and our whole travel-mood is back, and we can’t wait to have another day of unexpected stories.

In the last days I was pushing my limits more than ever… And it felt great! Knowing I can do things, I’ve never imagined makes me feel strong.  The other example (near the biketour): we were hiking in the jungles of Cameron Highlands! Such a great place with amazing nature.

The Mossy forest is more than 2 million years old!!! Which makes this special place one of the oldest rain forest in the world! It is very important for the people of Cameron Highlands, because the moss on the trees collects water.

The BOH tea-plantation in Cameron Highlands is very important in the Malaysian industry.

My dear friends, if you think you are working hard, look at these people. They are caring those bags of tea leaves (can be even 50kg) down the hill. On their head. And then climbing back, and doing it again… for 1000 Malaysian ringgit (around 220 euro) a month. They had a lucky day this time, because they had to work quite close to the road. They cutting all the leaves once in every 21 day. 

In general I am happy I didn’t give up on Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur’s disappointment. The less known areas, the hidden gems and the countryside is a lot more friendly and beautiful.

We are still in Malaysia, exploring Langkawi right now, but for new years eve we gonna be in T H A I L A N D!

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