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In the last 3 years, I’ve been travelling to more than 25 countries, through Europe, Asia and America. Wanna read about these amaaazing places?…​


How to travel on a budget? When? Why? Alone, with friends or family? How to hitchhike, how to find volunteering opportunities and sooo on soo on


It’s hard to find what is the best option all the time, right? So I listed up the most useful websites… related to budget travels, of course.


I would like to show you how other people made their dreams come true! So, please welcome these wonderful stories and people and places!


In paradise (aka. Hopkins)​

Hopkins Hey You! Travelling the World has never been easier, so when we go to new/undiscovered places, we have to do it carefully! I think we must draw a line…

The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo Listen… …I was never really interested in zoos, I just never wanted to support the idea of keeping animals in small cages, for our own selfish pleasure…But…

FAQs about WorkAway

FAQs about WorkAway Hello Hello, my friend! I would like to be as authentic as I can. So, when I’m talking about good opportunities, I want to share not just…
I’m Anna. I was born in Transylvania 21 years ago, and at this time I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my life. Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing. As almost everyone else, after sitting 15 years in school benches, I had no idea what and how and why… So, we bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. Now we are travelling through Central America.

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