Our first week in Guatemala.

Lago Petén Itza.

Hola, mi amigo!

After we left Belize, we headed to Guatemala. The first impression was quite funny, but it was a good example of how interesting and beautiful is the life here, in this country.

We walked through the border, then we found a little bus, which took us to the place where we wanted to go. But… (there’ always a but :))) this bus was full of people, and by full, I mean like 20 people on 12 seats and all the baggage (bags, backpacks and a basket of alive chickens) tied to the top of the bus. And then suddenly, in the middle of the road… we stopped. It broke down. Just like that. :)) After 20 minutes, another bus came and took us to Lake Petén Itza.

We were living around this lake for one week.

Now, let me tell you about the life around the lake.

About Lago Petén Itza.

I think that the beauty of this lake it the blue and turquoise colour of it. I felt like on the beach in Croatia! The water is crystal clear…

There are just two main occasions when the water is disturbed. There are a lot of people crossing the lake by boat or they use the boat for fishing. The other thing is, that locals from the villages all around the lake, go to the lake to wash their clothes and to take a bath. I mean the infrastructure in Guatemala is so bad, that often there is no water or no electricity.

So, we did the same way.


(here you can see me with the baking soda in my hands, just about to start washing my hair)

The story of our most unique

Couchsurfing experience.

Honestly, when I wrote our request to this family on Couchsurfing I wasn’t expecting anything like this.
Huhh… I don’t know where to start…
We arrived at the gate of a small house at the end of the road. We go in and the friendliest people greet us! The main character of this family is Maria-Luisa, the mother. She is around 30 years old and she’s the strongest woman I ever met. We became really good friends, so she told me her story.
She really liked to go to school when she was younger. But before she could finish it, she met a guy, who became her boyfriend. He was jealous of her studies, so he convinces her to run away with him. She got pregnant, and they got married. 6-7 years later, they had 2 amazing sons, but their marriage wasn’t going really well. Maria-Luisa had a bad accident when she almost died. Then her husband left her. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t use her right arm because of the accident, and she was left alone with two kids. With the help of her Mom, of her family, she slowly started to recover. She went to church every day.
Now, she’s raising alone her two amazing boys, Osman and Louis, and they are the happiest family I met. They don’t have much. Probably less then you have, you, who reads this now… but they share it with travellers. Crazy people who are crossing American on a bike, or hitchhikers and other backpackers… people from all around the World sleep at their small house. We were mostly hanging out with the kids, but when Maria-Luisa needed some help, we were more than happy to be there for Her!
They are living from the money they get from the coconut and avocado oil they make in the garden. If you visit them, you can try and make these oils with them. (You have to pay like 15USD for one workshop, but you’ll get a jar of oil as well! Totally worth it!)
I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet this family. Not just because we became really good friends, but also because we learned a lot from them!


If you travel to this region in Guatemala, probably you’ll visit Flores! I mean you have to because it’s so nice! It’s a small town on the lake. The easiest way to get there is by a tuk-tuk (Q5-10/person).
Flores is on a small island on the lake, and there is just one road that connects the city with the mainland. There are a lot of nice restaurants, little shops… I would recommend getting lost in this city 😀

How to get around the lake.

Well, the easiest way it to go by bus/colectivos. They run quite often and a one-way ticket cost just like Q10.

But we tried to hitchhike on the same road, and it was super easy! I looooved hitchhiking in Guatemala!

The Map.

BTW, Close to this lake there is a really famous and popular Mayan site, called Tikal. We decided not to visit it, but next time we won’t miss it out, for sure.

I could not be more grateful for being part of this family! We learned a lot about appreciating the small things in life and how strong we can be if we really believe in it! 

Thank you Maria-Luisa, Osman and Louis. I hope, we can see you soon!


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  1. I so enjoy reading about your adventures and was happy to be a small part of them.

    1. You were not just a small part of our journey! We are still referring to/ talking about the days we spent with you, on a daily basis! 😀
      Thank you for reading my blog! 😛 <3

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