How can travelling change you?

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Helllo everyone!

After my first blogpost I’ve got some feedback that what I write should be waaay more personal. Well, thank you very much for that, I’m trying my best aaand with your help I can learn a lot. 🙂 

So this time I’m going to tell you how travelling changed US!

We all know that travelling is the best teacher: you can learn things, what no school would teach. You can experience. You can learn about different cultures, different tastes, different people. You can learn patience. You can learn how to react in different situations. You can learn how to learn from your own mistakes. You can learn how to read a map or what to do if you get lost. You can learn how to be without internet if it’s necessary. You can learn how to work in team, or how to be alone. You can learn a lot about yourself. You can learn about life.

But I don’t want to talk about deep shit right now

Let me tell you a little story:

My dear boyfriend, Ádám – the handsome guy I’m travelling with –  had very bad fear of heights a few years ago. He was terrified of going up in a tall building or walking on the side of a mountain. He was sweating and panicking if he was in a higher place than usual. He didn’t even wanted to hear about airplanes!  

And  guess what?

Today we are walking on bridges above the trees. We are swimming on the floor pool, watching the city. 

Because after almost 6 years being a couple, and many many trips together (all with airplane) he slowly got rid of this fear. If I think about it, I don’t think he had much of a choice. We hiked in Madeira between the two highest peaks of the island, we rode the London Eye, we tried the biggest slide in the Siam Park in Tenerife, we visited at least a church tower in every city we’ve been too. In the beginning he was making faces, but after a while probably he realised that the best things you can see are from the top and there is no point to give up only because of some bloody fear of heights. 

About me…

I was very fussy before. When I was younger, I wouldn’t eat anything apart from chicken snitzel with mashed potato. Maybe on better days some chicken soup. Or grilled mushroom with cheese. My grandmother, bless her, she was always cooking for me separately, otherwise I wouldn’t eat anything a whole day. 

Since I’m travelling I started to be more of a curious person. I want to experience the place to the fullest, and food is part of it. I realized I won’t die of eating something maybe I have no idea what that is. I want to try every local speciality, taste every strange dish they have. And this makes me happy today 🙂 

And these are only 2 examples… What I’m trying to say, is: T R A V E L !

Because you may have a fear, a dilemma or a phobia but if your love of travelling is bigger, and you really really want to experience, you can fight it. Just think about what stops you, realise, and work on it. Getting out from your comfort zone is not easy but totally worth it.     

(I also have claustrophobia.That haven’t changed with travelling. I don’t think it ever will. )

By the way we were in Kuala Lumpur the last 6 days. It was very new for me, with a few interesting facts, because it is a muslim country.

For example there is a “No kissing” sign on the train, or there are wagons only for women. Or, in a restaurant if I ask for the bill, they would never give it to me. The man’s job is to pay.   

 It is good for travelling on a budget because: 

  • cheap and really nice food (you can eat on a market even for 1 euro)
  • cheap and very modern public transport (one way ticket for 0.50 euro)
  • accomodation from 5 euro / night
  • you can actually see some culture-difference stuff which can be interesting
  • full full of monkeys. and monkeys are cool

And obviously has some nice, famous places. The Batu Caves and the Petronas towers are both must see stuff. But I don’t think a city should be considered a good place to travel only from two famous things. With these pictures I try to show the nice part of it.  But in general, sadly I didn’t like it much. It’s chaos, it’s dirty, it smells. I couldn’t feel the city  🙁 Maybe it’s ok to visit once but we booked for too long AGAIN. (Ádám’s fault, haha)

 Soo if you want my advice, and you travel  through South-East Asia, add Kuala Lumpur but maximum 3 days. Not more. And visit the Batu-Caves!

Cameron Highlands from today, Malaysia for another 16 days, and I can’t wait to see what is outside the capital city 🙂

Until next Sunday!


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