hitchhiking around europe

hey you!

Do you know what did you do exactly 3 years ago?…

Usually, I don’t even know what I did a day before, but this time I can answer this question. And not just because Facebook reminded me, but because 3 years ago I made my best decision. 3 years ago I did something I wanted for a long time but never had the chance to do it. So 3 years ago I did a hitchhiking trip around Europe.


It would be impossible to write down and to share every single moment of this trip we had, and the thing is… I don’t want to. I would like to inspire You to go and to discover the beauty of Europe on your own.

but I will tell you about the...


First of all, you have to decide if you would like to do something similar or not…

but let me help you with some ideas.


  • You can realize how easy is to do really awesome things and the only obstacle is your mindset.

  • You can really get to know someone… Especially Yourself.

  • You can learn that buying a train ticket (experience) can be waaaay more valuable than buying a shoe (material things).

  •  Exploring Europe is just wonderful… all the different cultures, the people you’ll meet… no words.

  • If you do something like this, remember: it’s for a lifetime. You just can’t forget those places, those moments. 


  • If you’re active, like we were, you can easily over-plan this. And you’ll get suuuper tired after a few days. So please take a rest sometimes and just enjoy!

  • Being in a country for just 3-5 days doesn’t mean that you’ve been there. I think it takes at least months (or years) to really start to get to know a culture, a country.

  • You have to be prepared. Travelling on a budget means that all those costs you don’t pay with your money, you pay with your time and energy. Couchsurfing, hitchhiking, eating on a low cost takes a lot of time and effort.

  • Also, be prepared for being spontaneous! You NEVER know what could happen.

Our journey

3 years ago we didn’t have any kinda good camera, so all the pictures were taken with our phones. So the quality of the pictures is not the best, but still, they keep the best moments we had! 

We got to Krakow by bus. But we started to plan our very first day of hitchhiking together.
It's just amazing!!!!!
We visited Auschwitz...
Heeeeey Prague!!!
Already in Germany, Dresden. With a good friend of Bálint.
It was raining for some days, but we got two umbrellas (as a present).
Yeah... we are really good at taking selfies :))
Goethe's garden house, in Weimar.
Köln <3
in Düsseldorf :))
Bálint and his sister (Eszter).
This is my favourite photo...
Hello, Brussels!
Ghent, Belgium.
Rain... again.
On our way to Paris.
With our awesome, new, Turkish friends.... and I'm super awkward, as always...
well... yeah

This was my first flight! :)) I was sooo excited! Since I flew more than 30 times, but I can still remember that moment!

Hello, Italy... We're tired AF!
Venice <3
Bye-bye Italy...
Maribor, Slovenia.
Our last drivers <3

The map

Best moment

So, I have to tell You two things:

  1. It was really hard to think about just 1 good story… so this might not be The best, but I love it.
  2. I know that this picture sucks, but let me tell you the story of it:

When we were in Düsseldorf (Germany) we were already on the road for more than 2 weeks. And you can imagine, we were not the most prepared travellers :)) so we didn’t have any kinda cutlery (knife, spoon or fork). But even if you’re on a budget, you need to eat. And you need tools for that :))

So, we always forgot to buy at least one spoon.

One day, in Düsseldorf, we were just walking, talking, sightseeing… We stopped in a park next to a river, or something like that… After a while, we decided to leave this place, but as we turned around there were two spoons on the ground. Just like that 😀 As someone would send these to us.

We still have these spoons…

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  1. Amazing pictures and information love to go for trip hitchhiking not planned the place can u help please

    1. Woow! I am really happy that you would like to try hitchhiking! I am happy to help! But it depends on where would you like to go 😀 contact me via email, please (at the contact page of this blog).

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