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hello guys,
pls welcome my very first post!

1st destination: Singapore

Until today, our longest travel together with Ádám was for 8 days. So we are breaking our own record everyday 🙂

Before we started our journey, I was very scared. Of everything. I didn’t know how to react when people were asking me questions like: “so? Everything packed?” or “do you have exact plans?” or “when are you coming home?”. I DON’T KNOW! So I was just smiling and trying to hide my fear in front of everyone… Honestly, I wasn’t this stressed in my life.


As soon as we started, I felt relieved. I knew that we both going to hate that 12 hour flight, but we both know that we need that big step to start something amazing. Long story short, we arrived to SINGAPORE!

“Oh my god, are you joking? You are going to Singapore?? It’s expensive, it’s boring, basically it’s like London in a hotpot!” – this was the reaction of an indonesian friend. (Very good start right?)

I actually started to think if we should go or not… but me being stubborn and Ádám literally hating to change any plans, we got stucked with the original idea. 

You know what? It is expensive. And it is hot like hell. But does it look boring to you? Honestly!

Massive inside waterfall
Supertree lightshow! (every day 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm)
Artificial trees in the Gardens By the Bay. It's magic!
14 km hike, worth every step
Part of the hike, Tree Top Walk - 25 meter high, I was shitting myself passing through
Haji Lane - food and shopping in a good atmosphere
part of Sentosa from the top

I think Singapore is amazing. Maybe is more like an entertainment destination. It has everything: massive shiny buildings, food-markets in every single corner, nice museums (I hate museums in general but here I found an interesting one: the art museum, Disney section haha). For the first time in my life I was not freezing cold on a Christmas Market. Which is nice. 

We spent 7 full days in Singapore. If I would do it again, probably I would stay for 4 days but only because it is really expensive. (10 Singaporean dollars (6.65) for a pint of beer. *-*) 

You can see all the “important things” in 4 days. I can’t say I regret it in the end, because we added a beautiful day-long hike in the MacRitchie Reservoir and we didn’t rush at all. But we learn from our mistakes and probably in the future we going to plan for shorter time in advance. 🙂

Some interesting facts about Singapore:

  • Chewing gum is forbidden – yup. You can even get a penalty of 2000 € if they catch you. I think it’s because they try to keep the streets clean. Which is ok, but in this weather I would give my half kidney for a refreshing chewing gum…
  • No smoking on the streets – Very very few people are actually smoking in public places. But it’s forbidden almost everywhere
  • No knife – Ok, I don’t understand this one. We were eating in at least 10 different places, everywhere with fork and spoon. Doesn’t matter what was the dish. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to have a chicken escalope with a spoon, right? Maybe because of the low crime rate, but come on, not even a little plastic knife? 
  • No napkin – no food market, no restaurant is giving you any napkins. Why? My best thought is because of the rubbish. They try to keep Singapore clean again. I guess. Bit annoying having a saucy chicken escalope with fork and spoon, and than not having a napkin?!
  • Durian is banned from every place – this poor little fruit is everywhere on the streets, for a couple of dollars you can buy a whole one. But you can’t take it in any hotel (there is sign: No smoking, no pets, no durian) we where not brave enough to try it, but Ádám had a durian ice cream and he said it tasted like onions. Bless him.
  • Safest country in Asia – ok, maybe I can get the no knife thing…
  • Food and shopping – there is no way you will be hungry in Singapore in the end of the day. Food court in every single mall (there is 103 of them)  and amazing traditional food markets in many places. Just be brave enough to try everything!

Tomorrow we are heading to our next destination: Kuala Lumpur! Yeeeey

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