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I would like to be as authentic as I can. So, when I’m talking about good opportunities, I want to share not just my knowledge about it, but my experience as well. This means, when I say Couchsurfing is a good thing, it’s not just because I heard/read that it’s good. But I tried it, and I had unbelievable (good) experiences! This is why I would like to share with you: WORKAWAY.

I got a lot of questions on Instagram about WorkAway… so I collected all the questions and here we are:

Everything you wanted to know about WorkAway.

WorkAway is an online platform, to connect hosts and volunteers.

If you register as a workawayer (as a volunteer) you can access to a host list and for one year, and you can contact families, NGOs and basically anyone who needs help.

If you register as a host, you can ask for the help of the workawayers in any kind of project you need.

As a workawayer you can sign up as a single person (42USD/year), or with someone else (54USD/year), your friend or with your partner.

You can search and see what kind of opportunities there are (for free), but you cannot contact anyone without registrations and without paying the registrational fee.

Go to the “Host list” and search by any filter you want: by where would you lie to go, what kind of job you are looking for, also you can add when are you available and you can add a keyword if you’re looking for something really specific (example: now I typed “surf” as a keyword because we are looking for a place where we could learn to surf).

If you find a place you like, you will have to write a message to the host and then all you have to do is to wait till they reply.

There are a lot of opportunities, so you can choose wisely and write a good request/message. We usually write to 10-20 hosts and on average, just half of them replies or even less. I don’t know why probably they are not checking too often their messages or something… But it takes a lot of time to find a good job! It’s difficult, but not impossible!

Also, on the host’s profile, you can check out their last activity and their reply rate. These could help you to guess if they will answer to you or not.

For anything! It’s unbelievable! From teaching languages, hostel receptionist jobs, cleaning, babysitting, gardening, social media management, web design, animal care, permacultures to anything you could imagine.

I think, there are around 170 countries where you can find jobs on WorkAway. In a castle in France, at a surf camp in Costa Rica, a restaurant in Italy, farms in Australia and America (close to New York City too, I checked). Everyone needs some extra help, no?…

Usually, hots provide you with food and accommodation in exchange for your work. But it depends. There are places where you have to pay a small fee to the host, but also there are hosts who will give you salary as well.

If you look at a profile of a host, you’ll see their availability, when could they host you, but also, they have a requested minimum stay. Usually, people ask for at least one month stay, but there are hosts who are okay with one week or other ones ask for 3 months. It depends.

When you sign up, you will have to make a nice profile. This will work as you CV. I think this should reflect your personality and the jobs you are looking for.

Also, when you apply for a job, you’ll have to send a request, a message to the host. So, this could work as a motivational letter. I would recommend making it personal as well and show the host that you really read their profile and you want to help them.

Well, yes. But it depends from which country you are and to where do you want to go.

WorkAway is not taking responsibility for your visa, so you must check it out for yourself. Officially, you need a working visa, but yeah… This is for your own risk!

The best way to find this out is to read the reviews. If other 10-50 people have already been to that place and they all say they had a wonderful experience, I think you can believe them. It’s risky if there is no picture and the description is not very detailed, so I would recommend skipping those hosts.

No! But we had just 2 jobs since we started this. And we had two amazing experiences! We could not ask for better places!

I think yes… (but you can check it out HERE 😛 ) 

For even more information, check out the website!

They have a lot of description and details about the system. Even FAQs and a Blog as well.


Thank you for your questions! I really enjoyed answering them… I hope now, that you know more about WorkAway, you start searching!

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