A budget of two backpackers in Central America

Buenos días!

So, I’m not gonna lie to you…

… we are poor people. I mean, we came to Central America with a suuuper low budget, we still don’t have any tickets back home, but we are here, and we are happy 😀

We spent like 2-3 weeks in Mexico, now we are spending Christmas time in Belize and in January we are heading to Gutemala.

But let’s break it down.

Probably you are interested in the numbers… So I will tell you MY BUDGET. (for my boyfriend is quite the same, except he has more :))))

How much money I have?

Well, I had some savings, some people owed me some money and I was working for almost 2 months for this trip. 

This means I came to this trip with almost

1500 euro.

That’s not much, I think. Just look at your phone and the last shoes you bought and you’ll realize it costs almost same amount of money.

And how can it be enough?

“Okay, okay Anna… I got it, but how the hell you gonna survive in Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica 3-4 or 6 months??” some might say…

“Well, my dear friend, in the last 3 years we mastered the ways we can travel on a low budget. So, we did some research, and this is how we are still alive” said Anna happily. 

From the 1500 euro

I put away 300 euro, just in case we want to go home;

We bought a worldwide insurance for 4 months and it costs 160 euro per person.

Also, we had to register on Workaway, I had to pay for my blog’s domain and host, which in total is like 70 euro.

This leaves me here for my everyday with 

less than a 1000 euro (970).


We spent already some time in Mexico and Belize, and we realized, even if everything a suuper cheap compared to Europe, we still spend almost the same amount. Why? Because we have to pay a lot of entireties and for the buses.

FIY, in Mexico the distances are different then in Europe. Noone is walking, everyone has a car, or uses a taxi, a bus or a colectivo (these are smaller buses). And even if the taxi or these buses are super cheap, you have to use them all the time in order to get from A to B.

So roughly we spend 150 euro per week per person. 

Which is still quite good, because we read on every other blog before we came here that we would need here at least 1000 euro/month.

If we keep this average, we will have to go home after 6 weeks. But the thing is… we really want to stay at least 4-5 months (16-20 weeks) here. How is it possible?

We are working and volunteering.

Voilà! That’s the magic we use. We have already part time/freelancer jobs, but we are also working at a farm here in Belize, and in change we have a beautiful room and amazing food 😀

Honestly, I think travelling on a low budget means more than sitting on a shitty bus or sleeping in dorm room in hostel, with 15 other random people :)))

If you go with the slower/cheaper bus, you’ll travel together with the locals and it will stop in every single little village, which you would miss out, if you go on the highway.

If you try hitchhiking, you might end up with some new, badass Brazilian friends!

If you go to a hostel, you can meet other backpackers, who will have unbelievable stories.

If you travel on a budget,you can travel more!

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