Cancún. Worth it?

Hello my dear friend!

Let me introduce you to Cancún! It’s the first Mexican city I’ve ever visited and even though it’s almost nothing like a city I would love, still it will always be a special place for me.

Why is that? …

You will find the answer in this blog post! 😉

About Cancún

What they did, is that they divided the city into two main sections:

–          The Zona Hotelara/tourist area and

–          Cancun City/El Centro (downtown).

If you go to Zona Hotelara you’ll feel like you’re somewhere in America or in Europe. Yeah, the beaches are… are… I have no words because they are so magical… But if you’re walking on the streets, you will see it’s like in The Truman Show. Everything is built up for tourists. Which is still good in a way, because the tourists get what they want, and Mexicans got a lot of money from them… but for me, the other part of the city means a lot more. Yes, it’s probably not that wonderful as the other part, but it’s real.

Well, this city is not older than a few decades. Basically, it was built for truism. (A lot of people say, that it’s like Miami…) This means it’s full of tourists, ergo it’s nothing like any other „original” Mexican city.

The Yucatan Peninsula was inhabited and dominated by Mayan civilizations before the Spanish occupation and before Cancún became Cancún. It was mostly wetlands, jungles, and virgin beaches. Untiiil, the Mexican government recognized the potential in this area in 1968.

So, in 1970 the Cancun resort project began (now less than 50 years ago). If you have never heard about Cancún, look at the map: really close to the mainland there is a peninsula that runs between the Carribean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon.

Why should You visit Cancún?

1. Because it’s cheap.

Well, if you would like to visit Mexico, probably the cheapest flight ticket you’ll find it will be to Cancún.

Also, comparing the prices (of food, bus ticket, accommodation) to the European prices for example, everything is super cheap.

2. Because its good location.

If you want to visit a nice cenote, some magical Mayan ruins or a wonderful Caribbean beach, Cancun is a good start. I mean if you have time, you can take a day off, and you’ll find something amazing close to Cancun for sure!

3. Because it’s a nice city.

Okay… honestly, it’s not the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to, but I enjoyed being here! I found it interesting how the tourists’ area and the locals’ area is divided.

What to see in Cancún?

On this map you can see all the places I would recommend to visit.

If you have a car, it will be easy to get around; if you don’t have a car, search on THIS website for the best connections by bus.

Daytrip ideas

If you would like to discover the surrounding area, you must visit:

  • Tulum
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Mérida

So, my dear friend, if anyone would tell you that Cancún is boring or it’s not worth the visit, don’t listen to them! There are way more things to do in this city then we did: you could go snorkelling, diving and you can eat as much avocado as you can, bc it’s suuuper cheap!!

PS. muchas Gracias, mi amigo Kevin! See you soon! Maybe in the Scottish highlands, maybe in Mexico, or anywhere else, but I’m sure, we’ll see each other again!


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