Barcelona in February


Well, Barcelona is a pretty common destination during the summer, but usually, the flight tickets are a lot cheaper if you buy them in winter. So this is what I did:

I went to Spain at the beginning of February.

so I'm gonna show you:

soo let’s see the


of travelling to Barcelona at this time of the year:


✚ everything is cheaper

✚ there are not so many tourists (no queues and you might have the chance to take a photo in the middle of the day without hundreds of people on it)

▬ there could be cold, wind, rain or even snow, which is not always fun if you want to see a Spanish city

▬ because of the weather, it’s harder to take a nice pic

▬ few people in the hostel, less fun (but still <3)

Basic info

  • It is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, and the second most populous municipality in Spain.

  • visa is not required to visit as a tourist (just to make sure)

  • the official language is Spanish and Catalan

  • usually, the weather is really sunny and warm, but check it out before you go

  • Barcelona is on the Mediterranean Seaside, so don’t forget to take your swimming suit with you

  • they are using euro

  • don’t forget to bring your European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) which allows you to receive medical treatment with the same cost as if you were a citizen of the United Kingdom. If you don’t have this card then I suggest buying health insurance.

  • consuming alcohol is legal, and the Cannabis as well for personal use in private spaces, but illegal (although decriminalized) in public. (so please be careful what and how you are consuming)

  • the public transportation is really good in Barcelona, and if you take a visit I would recommend to buy the T10 transport ticket (10.20 euro; This card permits 10 travel journeys on the RENFE train between the Barcelona-El Prat airport and the city centre, Metro underground system, tram system and TMB buses within Zone 1 in the city centre)

  • for more general information, click here.


So here’s a map of Barcelona, with all the places I think You should visit if you go there! 😉

If you have any other suggestion, what you think it should be on this list, please leave it in the comments below (or DM me) and I will add it to the map <3


(I will write about how to use this map: how to download and how to use it on your smartphone when you’re in Barcelona)

What to see/do

So on the map, you have the main places where you can go, what you should see in Barcelona. And if you go there, please do not miss these places!


Where to get lost? Well, I think that the most beautiful neighbourhood is the Gràcia district because of all the narrow streets and cosy squares and cute cafes and so on so on… but you should definitely go to the Gothic Quarter. Even if it is more crowded, still is really breathtaking.

Where to eat/drink/sleep

No Limit Hostel Graffity

I recommend this place if you’re open-minded and you’re looking for a cheap place AND for some awesome people to meet.

Location: (see on the map) It’s really close to the La Sagrada Familia, so around 15 minutes from the city centre. Also, there’s a Lidl really close, so I think it is one of the best options if you are on a low-budget.

Onna Cafe

I got here by chance because it was raining. But it was a little, cosy cafe with really good coffee and delicious cakes.


Mercado de La Boqueria

This is THE famous market in Barcelona. Where basically you can find every kind of fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, patisseries and drinks. It’s a must-see if you go to Barcelona.



Carrefour Market

Okay, okay… This is just a usual Carrefour


it is really close to the Mercado de La Boqueria, and here you can find food/drinks for a lower price.

La Fábrica

This place is just amazing. Here you can find some traditional food, called empanadas. They have a wide offer of empanadas (with meat – some of them are made with beer-, vegetarian aaand with a lot of cheese). Fresh, the price is good, so please… please go there! <3

El Cubano (Sol Tropica’l)

I think this is my FAVOURITE PLACE I’ve been to in Barcelona. They have some really good (and hot) dance teachers, and if you go there around 8-9 pm you can enjoy the FREE DANCE CLASSES (Salsa, tango and stuff). And after the classes, everyone is just dancing to amazing Latin music.

So my point is

that Barcelona is totally worth a visit! So if you do go there, please let me know how was it!



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