Heey You!


If you’re here, then I guess you would like to know something about this blog, huh?

Well, writing about my experiences, ideas it’s easy, but writing about myself… that could be hard. But let me try.


number of countries I’ve been to


birth place

number of siblings


current workplace

height and weight

I’m good at

I really wanna be good at

I love



Kassay Anna



Cluj Napoca (Transylvania, Romania)

3 (1 brother and 2 sisters)

B.Sc. Marketing

freelancer (graphic designer)

Com’on, I’m not goona tell you


yoga, meditation

my friends, my family, my Bálint and my bicycle


Who the hell is writing all this?


I’m Anna. I was born in Transylvania 21 years ago, and at this time I have no idea what I’m gonna do with my life. I just finished my bachelor’s degree in marketing. Hmm… I like to ride my bike, go to festivals, watch series/movies (especially when I have exams), my Mom, volunteering aand all kinda stuff like that. Besides uni, I’m working as a freelancer in graphic design and also, I’m learning to do web design and to edit videos. (Thank you, Youtube Tutorials!)

But one of my favourite thing to do is travelling (yeah, like almost everyone else, and like You). After finishing high school, I travelled around Europe with my boyfriend (mainly by hitchhiking and using Couchsurfing) so at that time I fell in love with the World (uhh, this sounds crazy). But yeah…

Why am I writing?

When we were doing that Europe trip I started to write a blog about it… But it was in Hungarian (yea, btw I am Hungarian), it was boooring and besides some of my friends and my lovely parents, no one was reading it. But I liked doing it. So, I put some thought into it and decided to make it more useful and more beautiful. I would like to give something that You can use when You travel. So I created this blog.

About the blog

Nowadays I’m quite busy because I’m a final year student, and also there are other things like work, doing my driving license, getting an English language certificate and soo on. Besides everything, I also started to learn web design and yeah… to write some good content for this blog… well, it takes time. But I’m doing my best!

So, I just want you to know, that I will always make some changes in the design and in the style of this blog because I want to make it beautiful and awesome!

Yeah, I think this is It. And it’s enough…

Are u still here?

Just go, get inspired, do a proper research and go!


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