About us

Heey You!

If you’re here, then I guess you would like to know something about this blog, huh?

Well, writing about our experiences, ideas is easy, but writing about ourself… that could be hard. But let’s give it a try!

Now, this blog is written by two creators.

Hello, my name is Anna.

I was born in Transylvania 22 years ago. I have to say, that I tend to overcomplicate my life, so I did a lot of things in the past “few” years. During high school, I was quite an active student, so I worked in the local and the national Hungarian student councils, I edited school magazines and I also sang in the school choir. After graduation, in 2015, with the love of my life, I went on my very first hitchhiker trip, in Europe. Until 2018 I was a marketing student, and I travelled every time as soon as I saved some money. After that (still with the same superhero-guy) we travelled to Central America for almost 7 months. 

In 2017 I started this blog because I wanted to learn and to inspire other people. Now, I’m having new challenges and new goals in my life, so I decided that I will share this project with others. So whenever I’m not creating content for this blog, other awesome travellers are.

So keep following us, because I’m not willing to put an end to this project soon!! 😀

Hello, I'm Cecilia.

I’m 25 and I love travelling. I’m from Cluj Napoca, I’m not rich, and sadly I’m not brave enough for doing amazing stuff like Couchsurfing or Hitchhiking. So basically if I want to travel -> I need money. This is how my story started: I moved to England, for travelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my city and it was the hardest decision to leave my loved ones. But to achieve something you have to give up something else. I knew, me going away not gonna be forever. Even if I’m open-minded to get to know things, I’m waaay to emotional to live happily away from home.
When I moved away, I decided to work for 3 months, save as much as I can and go travelling. But with time I realised that if I stay longer, I can save more and travel longer.
This is how I spent exactly 3 years and 5 months in England, trying to chase my dream: a ~6 months South-East Asian backpacking tour.
But before the BIG trip, in all this time trying to get rid of my sadness being away from home, guess what? I was travelling. Thanks to being able to save some money, I travelled all around England, I went to Wales, Tenerife, Madeira, Portugal, France, Malta, Italy, Sweden, Danemark, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech-Republic, Belgium and Iceland.

I believe that everyone has different style of travelling 🙂 I prefer to save money first, than go and concentrate only on sightseeing, nature and relax!

Are u still here?

Just go, get inspired, do a proper research and go!


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