Everything You Need to Know about Belize

Hey Ho!

I’m not gonna lie to ya’!

Before we started to plan our trip to Central America, I didn’t know anything about this country. In school, we had to learn every country and their capitals, but I don’t remember learning about Belize… 

So if you’re like me, and you don’t really know what’s with this country

Let me introduce you to BELIZE. (If you already have an idea about it, let me tell you my impressions)

About Belize

Belize is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. It is bordered with Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea.

location and history.

Between 1500 B.C. and 300 A.D. the Mayan civilization spread into this area and flourished until 1200. When Columbus sailed along the Gulf of Honduras in 1502, the European settlement has begun. First by Britain but then Spain claimed the land as well, until the Battle of St. George’s Caye (1798), when Spain was defeated. In 1840 it became a British colony known as British Honduras. The Belizean Independence from the United Kingdom was achieved in 1981.


Nowadays the official language is English, while Belizean Creole is the unofficial native language. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language, but you can hear African-based Garifuna, Maya-Kekchi, Maya Mopan, Mandarin or German as well.


They use Belizean dollar, which is locked at $2 Belize = $1 USD.


The weather in Belize is really good, most of the time. The annual average temperature is 29°C, warm, but comfortable. From February to May is the dry season, while between June and December the wet season can be quite serious.

how to get around.

The easiest way to travel in Belize, if you have or rent a car, or preferably a truck, a jeep because if you want to get to more isolated places, you don’t want to have a nice little car. Travelling by bus can be a little tricky. They have buses coming and going quite often but don’t try to find an accurate timetable. The best way to get on a bus is to ask locals and just go to the bus station. The chicken buses are my favourite vehicles now!!! 😀 Also, to get to some places, you’ll have to get a boat, a water taxi.


Well, Belize is not the safest place I’ve been to. If you go to Belize City, don’t go around just by yourself. Nothing bad happened to us while we were in Belize, but we heard stories. I would suggest just don’t do crazy stuff. Be aware of your surroundings, listen to your guts and ask people who look trustworthy to you.

Why should you visit Belize?

1. Unique culture

If you travel around Central America, you’ll see the similarity in the cultures. And that’s normal because these countries are quite young. But what’s in Belize is totally different than any other country around. There is a really unique vibe I got from the people, and I love it! Also, it’s not that touristic then Mexico or Guatemala, so you’ll have a better chance to see what’s really going on there.

2. Jungles, rivers and caves

Nature is un-be-lie-va-ble. Maybe it’s just me, and I have a thing for jungles, but MAMA! Most of the land is undeveloped and forested. At the place where we were living for three weeks, every night we could hear the howler monkeys and, in the morning, I saw the beautiful parrots and hummingbirds… around the banana and coconut trees… I miss it! Also, Belize is really famous for caving opportunities, due to the largest cave system in Central America. (Bálint went for a caving trip, and it did sound amazing!)

3. Caribbean beaches and the barrier reef

There is not much to say about the beaches… They look phenomenal! Even though we couldn’t afford to go scuba diving in Belize, I must mention that the second biggest barrier reef is in the Caribbean Sea! And from Belize, you have the chance to experience something so unique as the Blue Hole! I’m sure you have seen pictures of it before…

4. Activities

There are a lot of things to do in Belize. From hiking, caving, bird watching tours and kayaking, to snorkelling and scuba diving, there are plenty of things you can do. And what I like to most, is that all of them is around nature.

5. Food: fruits and vegetable

The main dish is rice and beans. They eat almost every day: rice and beans. It may sound a bit boring, but they know what they are doing! It tastes really good and they can make it in a hundred different ways. But still, the best is that whenever you want, you can have a fresh coconut drink, or a good, very tasty, banana, or orange. Oh, and my new favourite: fried plantains (it’s like a banana, but it’s different :))) )!

What we did in Belize?

Basically, this is what we did in Belize:

Actually… I’m happy if you don’t travel to Belize! 😛 I like it as it is, but I see the potential in this country, and I expect that it’s just a matter of time until it will be discovered and developed…

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