5 worst things that happened to us in Mexico (in one week)


It all started with me losing my most precious and valuable thing and ended with Báint losing his most precious and valuable thing.
Let me tell you how we almost gave up and almost went home from Mexico.

So I’ll tell you (in chronological order) everything that happened to us, that’s 1. The 2nd part will be how did we get over it. And the last part will be what we learned from all this sh*t.


So, everything was just perfect: we finished uni, we made a plan, based on our dreams and pam-pam-paaaaam: we were already in Mexico in November 23, 2018. (Btw, did you see the movie called the number 23?)

act I. Anna drops her camera into the water. Just FYI, I had a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. I was always interested in photography and having the possibility to buy one quite good for myself, meant a lot to me. I felt that travelling for a longer time will give me the real opportunity to test my skills. Until December the 2nd. Then I dropped it in a cenote (it’s a lake/river in a cave). There’s not too much to tell about this, I was just really clumsy and it got out of my hands. It was (turned off) under the water for like one second. Took it out, took out the battery and the SD card, put it on the sunlight. An hour later it was already in a bag of rice. (Some people say you should not put it in rice, but I did what I thought it’s the best…) My mistake was that I tried to turn it on 24 hours later…

More than 2 weeks later, I’m still carrying with myself a roughly 400-euro worth camera which is not working anymore…

act II. Bálint got sick. On the same day when I got my camera too wet, Bálint started to feel bad. I mean in Mexico the water is not drinkable, so probably it was because of it. (We didn’t drink it, but we did wash our teeth and the fruits/veggies we bought.) He couldn’t eat so he became quite weak, so I had to carry the extra food and extra stuff we had…

act III. We had a big fight. I don’t know about you, but I think if I’m together with a person (any person!) for too long, I go nuts. Probably it’s just me, but if I’m with just one of my siblings for too much time (and I do love them a lot), I’m sure we’ll get into a fight. At least once a day. Now, we’re on the road, just the two of us, for a loooong long time. We do meet a lot of awesome people and we talk with our families and friends quite often, but still. We’re together all the time…

Anyway, we got into some quite big arguments (mainly about some unimportant stuff). And, I’m telling you, it does kills the vibe when you travel. Actually, we couldn’t even finish this fight because…

act IV. We got robbed. We were going from Mérida to Palenque on a first-class, night bus. Because it was the best choice we had. Our mistake was that we had a backpack with Bálint’s MacBook and my fanny pack (with my purse in it.)

We got on the bus in Mérida around 10 pm. We were quite tired, so we put up our backpack above our head and we slept almost all the way until we got to Palenque. When we arrived, the bus driver told us we must get off the bus, so I started to pack the things we used, in the backpack (water bottles, headphones and stuff). Then I saw that the MacBook was not in there. We realized it was stolen, so we called the Mexican police (the didn’t know shit in English, ofc). We got the report from them and we left.

If you would be interested:

  • Yes, we do have insurance, but it covers mainly the health part, which means everything is gone.
  • But the good thing is that Bálint did backup everything. (He’s not just handsome, but smart too <3)

act V. We got robbed again. On the same fkn day. I mean we didn’t actually got robbed again, but we were soooo stupid, we didn’t check the bag, what else was stolen. So, on the same day I was looking for something in my fannypack and I just realized that my bank cards are missing as well. Oh, aaaand my Hungarian ID too. I blocked the cards as soon as I could, and I can live without my Hungarian ID, because I have a Hungarian passport and a Romanian ID (which doesn’t look like any normal ID).

+1 (a.l.w.a.y.s. must be a plusone!) The worst airbnb. In Palenque, after all this shit going on, we got the our “home”. I’m not blaming anyone, but there were some huuuge bugs, no internet, no signal, no way to cook and the worst neuropod ever (bc everyone was playing on max different kinda music).

+2 (let’s spice things up a littlebit) we lost the pictures from Chichen Itza. Remember, I said Bálint had everything backuped. Well, apparently, not. We lost the pictures and the videos from Chichen Itza, which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World.


How did we get over it? Well we didn’t. Probably it will be better, because it’s already better compared to that week… but man, they are quite deep wounds. Probably we’ll remember this time and my Sony camera and Bálints’ first MacBook forever. They are replaceable things/tools indeed, but it’s not that easy to replace the value they meant for us and the comfort they gave to us on our journey.


Why am I telling you this? Well, I want you to know that travelling doesn’t mean everything is pink and green all the time. For example, now we are in a farm in Belize, and even if we loooove being here, it is not as beautiful as I’m showing to you on Instagram. And I’m sure that’s true for every damn traveller and every living person on this Planet. (There are a lot of huge bugs here and there’s no electricity most of the time. But I can live with that… I think.)


One more thing…

A lot of people might think that Mexico is dangerous and this is the reason we got robbed. I want to make it clear, that this is not the case! I don’t blame Maxicans or anyone for anything! I mean I do blame someone, but that’s me and Bálint, because we were irresponsable!

Mexico is a safe and cool place!

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