2 days in Zagreb?
Perfect place for solo travellers

Let’s go back in time… This was more than a year ago. My very first time travelling alone. And what you will see and read here, everything was created before I started this blog.

Hello Beautiful!

Please, tell me…

Have you ever tried travelling alone?

Congrats! I honestly think that it’s a good/biiig thing! It’s really hard to do it. Because you have to face new barriers and you have to make every decision all by yourself.

It’s not a problem, because it’s never too late. Yes, indeed, you need a lot of courage to do it but trust me, it worth a try! (or even more than one)

So, on Friday after work, I decided that I want to do something this weekend. These were my last 2 days this summer, still available for some new adventures. I went to the international train ticket office, and I bought the return ticket to Zagreb.

Next morning I was in this wonderful new city and I had no clue what the f*ck should I do. I went to the cheapest hostel I could find (around 10 euro/night), I left my stuff there and then I got lost. I mean… for real. There was something with the trams, so I got in the wrong direction. Anyway… after a while, I started wandering around and my day became just perfect.

So here are some things that I suggest to do if you visit Zagreb for 2 days.

  1. Kip bana Josipa Jelačića

  2. Cathedral of Zagreb

  3. Stone Gate

  4. St. Mark’s Church

  5. tunel Grič

  6. Lotrščak Tower

  7. Strossmayerovo šetalište

  8. Mirogoj Cemetery

  9. Botanical Garden

What to EAT/DRINK?

If you wanna eat something traditional, for a not too high price, go to the: La Štruk. It’s in the city centre and they got really good food. If you go there try the gratinated cheese (I think the salty one is better) and sit in the garden. It’s wonderful.

Also, don’t forget to visit the Market in the morning. You can get there fresh fruits and vegetables for a really good price

For having a drink I would suggest the Art park. Go there during the day and during the night as well. It is awesome! It has a soo good feeling… I loved it! And I’m quite sure, you’ll too.

Check out the awesome street art in Zagreb

Other USEFUL things

  • If you visit Croatia, change some Croatian kuna before you go, because usually, you can not pay with card (with euro almost nowhere).

  • Check out the: infozagreb.hr, maybe you’ll find some interesting/useful info there.

  • Get lost! There are different kind of cities I’ve been to, but this one is definitely the “go-get-lost” type of city.

It was a really good experience for me, but mainly because I was just wondering around and I met a lot of interesting people (ex.: to the Mirogoj Cemetery I went with a guy from New Orleans and another guy from Uruguay who was travelling the World).


So this happened more than one year ago (summer of 2017). I was just thinking about writing a blog. I remember talking to that awesome random American guy about my ideas, about adding maps to my blog posts. When I went back to Budapest I wrote this and I totally forgot about it. And now I just found it. :))

After 10 months of blogging… Facing a looot of failures and some achievements and more failures, I would write differently about this weekend. I would write more about my experience of being a first-time solo traveller. I would take better photos. I would do a better research about this place…

I mean, I learned a lot (and still learning), and now, looking back… Well, I think it made me realize that we are afraid (or we hate) things that we don’t know.


So, my dear reader… If anyone is reading this right now… Please be more curious and be open-minded. Not that type of “open-minded” who “accepts” gay people or black people (as they would be part of some kinda different species). Try to just talk to people. Try to do something that you never thought you would.


I never thought I would go to America. And now, here I am as a 21 years old young traveller… in Budapest, but


next week in Mexico.

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