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We all hear these cliché and mainstream ideas about life: “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone” or “Live a life that you will remember” … or-or, my favourites are those pictures of perfect girls or just some nice landscape photos with ideas for a bucket list or the “things you should do before you die” on them. Like “visit Paris”, “go camping”, “go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.”… okay :))

I mean these are nice ideas, but when we take a look at how normal people live… it’s just so idealistic to say these things. What I see is that people generally, just try to finish their studies, find a good job, that pays well, and they don’t hate it too much. Then maybe they will have a family, a house… Sometimes, every year for a few weeks, they “live their life”, but then back to normal.

I believe that when you’re young you have to chance to be selfish. Selfish in a good way. You can allow yourself, to go and try new things and find what satisfies you the most, so when you’ll have to settle down, you already have a wider idea about yourself and about the World. I’m not saying that you necessarily have to travel for this, but I think it’s good to get out of the bubble you lived in for so long and see what’s out there.

WorkAway it’s one of the best opportunities you can try!


1. It’s an easy way to travel on a budget.

Usually, if you find a job on WorkAway, you will get food and accommodation in exchange for your help. There are a lot of different possibilities, maybe you’ll get some payment, or you have to pay a little bit, or just accommodation, no food. It depends, but definitely, you can save some money, while you can enjoy a new country, new lifestyle.

2. You have unbelievable opportunities!

Oh my! From volunteering at surf camps to chocolate factories, you can find everything! Also, this is why it’s quite hard to find the best place for yourself, but just have a look on the website! You’ll see!

3. It’s a win-win situation.

Maybe not everyone likes to volunteer, but I think it’s a good way to live: you help people and they help you too!

4. You don’t have to leave your professional career.

Volunteering doesn’t mean that you must go to a farm or to work with kids necessarily. We studied marketing at the university and a lot of places need professional marketing assistance. But they can’t afford to hire someone with years of experience, so they hire us. But we also able to practice what we learned in theory, so we could stay in our field.

5. Or you can try things that you always wanted to for a short time.

These jobs are usually for just a month or two. So, if you always wanted to cook in an Italian restaurant, or paint mandalas on walls, live in a Franch cattle but you’re afraid that you’ll miss out too much time of your professional career, then you should search on WorkAway. You will be surprised how many people need your help for just a few weeks!

6. You can go home with experience.

This is a very common problem nowadays: students graduate from university, try to find a good job, but the companies are expecting someone with professional experience. So, how can you get experience? Search on WorkAway :)) (this sounds like an advertisement, but I do believe in this)

7. It’s easier to find a good job afterwards.

It’s not just about companies who benefit in your experience, but you too! They can hire you because you know more than just the theory from school. But you also know how things work in real life. Think about it… you want to be a web designer. You could maybe apply for a job, and maybe you’ll get a good salary too, but what if you don’t like it? You could spend years at that company because they pay well, and then you’ll realize you want to quit… but then where do you go? Maybe you don’t know anything else, just what you’ve done at this company. What about other fields? You start everything all over? You get it? I mean, if you volunteer as a web designer for a month, maybe two, there is no commitment. You go home, and you already know something about it, and not just in theory. You have a clearer picture, what kind of job you’re looking for.

8. It’s not exclusive.

I saw a lot of places where they are looking for volunteers with a lot of experience, older people, but also without any experience. There are places where you could go with your kids as well! It’s not just for young backpackers! It’s for everyone!

9. It’s not just about the work.

You would like to try to be vegan? Or maybe you’re thinking about doing yoga every morning? It can be really hard to try new things alone because you already have your own habits. But if you are going to live together with a vegan family, you can try it for one month with them, and you’ll see if you are interested or not. You can try different lifestyles. Maybe you’ll realize that some habits you had for years, could be easily changed and you can make your own life better.

10. You can meet the locals and cultures.

If you just go from hostel to hostel, you’ll stay in your traveller bubble! Get out, and stay for a week, a month with a family and see how they are living! It’s amazing to be part of a small community!

I don’t recommend things I don’t believe in. Therefore, I write a lot about WorkAway! :)) It’s so easy and simple! I think the simple things are the best! So just do it! Don’t start to overthink or hesitate. 

Plan and go! 

And Be proactive!

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